What We Do

Engage AI is an international development organization founded to advocate and promote linkages and engagement between the fields of international development and artificial intelligence (AI). Our goal is to leverage advances in machine learning and AI to accelerate global development and magnify it impact.

Changing how development is done

Global and local development challenges have always been complex, and our ability to address these challenges has always been slow and lagged behind new societal, environmental and technological changes and challenges. But we have reached a critical turning point in human history and environmental exploitation. Our response forward cannot be to use the same thinking and mechanisms that got us to this point. We need to change how development is done: we need different ways of thinking and doing things, and we need many more  bolder and  more experimental approaches. 

Why AI?

Deployment of artificial intelligence provides a new opportunity to re-conceptualize how we approach and solve human and environmental challenges. We are living in the times of Big Data and have more information than we could have ever imagined until recently. However, putting Big Data to work for development is still an outstanding debt. AI is the powerful yet underexploited tool that can help governments even in the more challenging contexts to take control of their countries’ future and sustainable development.

A good starting point

AI promises will revolutionize every area of human activity, the question is how will it play out. As key points of entry into this vast universe of opportunity, Engage-AI focuses on these four goals:

  1. Reaffirming the commitment to the UN 2030 Agenda and guaranteeing its effective implementation. 
  2. Addressing the enormous opportunities and risks created by the exponential proliferation of data.
  3. Attend to the technological shifts that are redefining future economic opportunities and employment. 
  4. Ensuring that women, as power drivers of development, are at the center of the AI revolution.