The UN 2030 Agenda and AI

The UN 2030 Agenda and AI

The UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals are the world’s collective agreement on how humanity can prosper and our planet be protected. Implementing this agenda is a considerable challenge for rich and poor countries alike. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (and machine learning) can be put to use to assist, facilitate and accelerate the implementation of the 2030 agenda. 

Data Commons

Big Data is the lifeline of Artificial Intelligence, and governments and companies alike are in an unprecedented race to acquire as much data as they can. But who and how is the data collected and shared, and who owns such data and for what purpose is it being used? Our goal is to reveal and explore the implications of data collection and data use as they pertain to international development.

Gender Equity and AI

Rapid automation and algorithmic gender biases pose a particularly serious threat to advances made to gender equality over the last decades. As the Covid 19 pandemic has demonstrated, globally women are the first to lose their jobs and income in a stressed and changing economy. The opportunities we had pinpointed to create new work opportunities for women and further advance in gender equality have been challenged.